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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything - A moment of Zen
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
A moment of Zen 
Thursday, September 11, 2008, 04:37 PM - Machinima
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
This is what I know:

The music: it rocks. Exactly what we were going for, with a twist of loony that meshes well with the look/feel. Of course, it's being made by the master of these things, so I'm not so much surprised as elated and somehow even more enthused by the project. We're keeping mum on the who's-who... I didn't start it, but I like presenting big names like surprise party cheers at the very last second, so I'll run with it!

The MFF deadline: even with the week extension... we're not going to make it. This is where reality bites, because we've been busting some major ass trying to make that deadline for months, even to the point of becoming physically ill, but the truth we had to accept is that For Science would not be the object of our pride if we rushed any harder to make MFF. Chances are high we may skip the festival all together and re-double our efforts to have a good showing in Montreal. Although it breaks my heart, it really doesn't change our primary goal for the project.

The Machinima Expo: her deadline is Oct. 6th... we can make that one, no sweat! In fact, we taffy-pulled the original workload to make it easier to chew. If nothing else, we can bring it along as a part of our workshop.

Social Life: completely sacrificed, I lost and missed out on a lot these past few months. Not my idea of healthy, but I learned a few things: For crying out loud, don’t take a pause from living when Machinima is on the line! Deadlines are deadlines, but life will pass you by the moment you decide something like being human can wait till you’re done. I was so focused on the project, the “dream,” that I started feeling horribly guilty every time I left the house… it literally kicked my ass; the moment I lowered my defenses I was out for 4 days with a fever. I’m much better now after some medicated rest and a real moment of Zen, thanks! Funny thing is, I’m all the more eager to get right back to it and actually finishing doesn’t seem impossible, or so bad! Only this time I’ll go out, socialize, and take my own bloody advice.

For Science, The Plan:

We’re going to finish up this pilot episode, show it off this fall to the immediate community this early November and put our chins out for all the hard punches sure to follow. We’re doing something fairly unique to Machinima (I believe,) so the edges are going to be rough. (I mean, we still don’t even have a proper pipeline, it’s more like some flexi-straws glued together!) We’ll need all the feedback we can get! Then, we’re going to spend the winter completely re-creating and polishing the assets for maximum shock and awe. Then, we’re going to release to the public at large starting sometime in January, then there will be a new episode every month until we have 12. After that, it’s up to the fans (if we have any). The glorious part about the plan is that once we have our assets established, additional episodes can be made almost as quickly as they’re written, and since outlines for at least 4 episodes have been discussed already, we’ll be in great shape for 2009. I’m sure each of us will be cranking out some shorts too, along with a music video for the most awesome band of all time.

So there you have it! Sit tight and the next update will probably be some cool handy information about Montreal. We're sending in a scout to Canada this week, perhaps he'll bring us back some recon...

[edit] And for the record, that new Nano is the ugliest thing Apple has ever made. EVER![/edit]

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Japanese Sweeties  
Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 09:47 AM - Life
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
So, I sit here today, extremely busy with start of year operations. Moving computers, fixing projectors, doubling up on allergy pills, and munching on some leftover doughnuts from yesterday’s staff meeting.

Then I reflect back to March, when we (Pepper, Cody, and I) spring-breaked in Tokyo, Japan. I don’t really need to be reflecting right now, I’m very busy, you see. But there it is, persisting, festering in my brain. As I eat my day old doughnut, I think about how normal it tastes. It’s almost not quite bland. It does have the familiar easy-going milk chocolate that I love oh so much, and the glaze is sweet, but hardly overwhelming. There isn’t anything notable about this doughnut. I will not call across continents and oceans to report on its flavor. (Granted, that detail is a purely situational anomaly.)

As I scarf down my doughnut, I think about the many sweets I enjoy. Yankee Doodles, imported to Texas from my loving aunt in New York, Little Debbie’s, Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream, heck, even the typical Cheeto crosses my mind. Each one gets cross-referenced with a similar treat I enjoyed in Japan. Then I start to recall the taste… I once ate a regular looking doughnut that was so chocolaty and sweet, that I reported it back home that day. The day before I ate a stack of Denny’s pancakes sweet enough to be called a desert. (Oh yes they have Denny’s in Japan, one day I’ll blog about the bell system, you’ll learn to really hate typical American restaurant service once I do!) About the only meals not saturated with sweets were from traditional shops, such as the tempura and noodle houses.

Even the chips, which were indeed salty, still had a powerful sweetener. They were familiar in many ways, but quite unique. I even recall making a remark about it when chowing down on some Japanese Cheeto equivalents from the 100yen shop. At the time I was too awe-shocked with adventure to dwell on the fact that my taste buds were bombarded with so much sweet stuff. Then, with the ruckus of homecoming and such, I had forgotten. But now, like a cold slap on a hot date, I suddenly want to know. Why?

Thus begins my quest. I type this up without a shred of googling, research, or any real knowledge, only the question. I now embark, to seek out why everything is sweeter across the pacific, and with each discovery I will update my blog. It may take a few hours, it may take a few years, but my hunger for knowledge must be fed! Shared!

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The Deadline 
Monday, August 4, 2008, 10:13 AM - Machinima
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
Email from Kirschner, the Deadline is September 12th. Ready or not, we’ve got just about a month to finish this bad-boy up, and send him packing. With only a duffle bag in which to carry his dirty underoos into the harsh world that is the Machinima public face, we must remain vigilant and proud, that our little guy can make is own way. We pray that we did our parts to see him ready, capable.

Too soon to bow our heads in prayer! We’re not ready! It’s not finished! The hour draws closer, and we scramble to the guns, eager to shot down our enemies, the haunted souls that plague our humble flags in TF2 and DoD! Wait! No! We must animate and record, paint textures, and zap the sentries! *Gasp*

Are we lost? Can we not forge ahead to unmitigated Machinima success with a film we made, thus far, so meagerly? Are we doomed to failure in realms not consistent with digital targets, who can be found hell-bent on placing grenades on our point just… so…!?

We’ll let you know on the 13th.

Also, since it was posted, I guess it's cool to tell you we're confirmed guest at the 2008 Machinima Expo too!

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Picking Up the Mess 
Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 02:55 PM - The Office
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
For 5 weeks we were kings. For five weeks we goofed and played and worked. For Machinima, for ourselves, for our kin folk, but mostly, what we did, we did...

For Science!

And what sort of scientist would we be with out our trusty pipes?

Of course, I'm not always so good with words...

God speed Barry, may your visit to Hawaii surf you well, and may we meet again this Fall, with one bad-ass son-of-a-bitch Machinima film with which to slay the masses.

They had it coming
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Behind the Machinima 
Friday, June 20, 2008, 02:10 AM - The Office
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
Barry Takes Flight!

Mike is clearly using my PC for evil.

I pitch my new ideas!

We build the great wall of mostly pure cane sugar soft drinks

It belongs in a museum... of art!

Welcome to Boom Boom Town!

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