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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything - Buddy’s Month with Torque 3D
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Buddy’s Month with Torque 3D 
Thursday, September 3, 2009, 10:37 PM - Machinima
Posted by Buddy of DoQ
About a month and a half ago I did something rather silly, given my situation. (see: every other post from this year) I went out and purchased a rather expensive seat to play with the up and coming Torque 3D while it’s still in beta. (Currently at beta 5) Since I’m no stranger to the Torque engine, which has had two other incarnations over the years, I was granted a sizable discount. While I’ve been a side-lines supporter of Torque since I first discovered it, I have never really taken a cold-hard attempt at using it. The reason for that is simple, it wasn’t very artist friendly, and I’m no programmer!

Times have changed.

Torque not only now has the abilities to rival Crysis and Unreal 3 graphically, but importing assets 2d, 3d, and moving, is easy as hitting file-save. The engine instantly converts your standard collada 3D files (.DAE) into a game-ready format, complete with animations. (It includes a tool to help you organize them as well!)

So, we’ve got real-time lights and shadows, art that can be instantly updated in-game as you hit save in Photoshop, and a super machinima friendly license. Not a shabby deal, right?

Well there are TWO major caveats to contend with. First, is the most obvious: If you want all the fancy features and the source code you have to pony up 1000 bucks. Not exactly the bargain-bin deal the engine used to be. Sans-source and advance lighting, it will be a more palatable $250, but you really do lose out on some of the engines strongest elements.

Secondly, this is an engine, not a game your building left of. There are very few built in measures to make everything you want possible without some sort of Torque Script or C++ work on your part. If you’re like me, you’ll just figure out a way to trick the viewer with the art, but for the mathematically inclined, you’ll be able to txt-logic your way into anything you need or want.

Enough talking, how about some screen shots?

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