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Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything - Summer Time
Buddy of DoQ: Thoughts on Life, Machinima, and Everything
Summer Time 
Tuesday, July 24, 2007, 11:47 PM - Everything
July rocks. Always has, always will. It's warm, the pool's always open, cooler always full, fireworks are the thing to do, and school is still just a glimmer, reflecting from the distance in the children's eyes. This July I managed to escape the wonders of employment long enough to enjoy my July 4th holiday in fabulous Las Vegas. I also managed to see a small mountain of excellent summer blockbusters, both on screen, and in print. Watchmen, Harry Potter (film and book), Transformers, Chuck and Larry... ok, so some more blockbuster than others, but it's been a fun month. The emotional gambit has been thoroughly run.

Somewhere in between the lines I also managed to deploy my pipeline for my next little Machinima project, and have nearly completed the storyboarding process. With next week mostly free to idle at my fancy, I suspect a rough pre-vis is an obtainable goal. There are a few contingencies, naturally, but it's all part of the painful balance of playing the games and creating from them, not all of them with a controller. So, the cool part is that I've got a nice easy way to create DX9 effects right in Max, and have them in my engine with the click of a button. I'll go over the whole process in greater detail after I release the final film. I honestly hope to hit the scene on the same level as the bigger studios when the time comes to show face in Fall. I only hope I'm not biting off more polys than I can chew. To counter balance it all, my primary method of attack is "Animation first, all else second." So, even if my raindrops don't refract the lighting just right by the deadline, I wish to at least have one hell of an animation anyway.

The 360 continues to teeter on the edge of cool yet useless. I hope the cheap electric violin I just ordered from Amazon yields more fun before September ends. Anyway, the USB controller works wonders with Overlord on the PC. While on the subject, I highly recommend the Wii version of RE4, so much fun that I actually beat it. Me, finishing a GAME!? Tells you something when I couldn't hold the interest to play for more than an hour on the original Cube version huh? That WiiMote really is freaking sweet. December 3rd simply cannot arrive fast enough.
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